Here’s to Chasing Dreams

Like many of you I have had a bucket list of places I would love to travel to for as long as I can remember.  Dreams of living a simpler life in Costa Rica, exploring the steep paths of Santorini, fulfilling my nerd fantasies of visiting London to explore the sets of Harry Potter, and bucket listing every Disney World I can get my sights on.   Did I mention the ocean? Oh yeah the ocean!  This is just a small list of wanderlust visions I have had.

It is strange to think that this once felt like such a far away goal. I am officially on day 2 in Costa Rica, which is my first stop in my travel journey.  My husband and I have left behind our life in Arizona for a more tropical paradise.  It is strange to think that this will be our home for the next five weeks.  Here’s to making dreams a reality. What are your travel dreams?