Birds, Iguanas, and Squirrels, Oh My!

The last two days have been great. I think the biggest thing I have noticed is that life is slower and calmer here. It’s such a difference from the hustle and bustle of a big city. Even when we don’t have plans back home, I often feel like we are still running on a schedule. Our days have revolved around walking into town, going to the market, and spending time outside. I haven’t spent this much time outside in so long. I could blame it on the heat but the reality is that it almost as hot as it is in Arizona. The humidity makes it feel hotter. Either way I am enjoying exploring my new environment. With that comes finding new animals (sometimes they find you)! It’s been cool to see these guys where I am not expecting them. Desert animals look soo different! What is the coolest animal you have ever seen up close?

This is a Variegated squirrel on beach of Playa Del Coco. Iguana on Playa Hermosa BeachThis poor guy floated to the beach 😦 sadly he wasn’t alive.This is a Magpie Jay. He decided to join us for lunch today.

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