2018 Travel plans


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A lot of people have been asking us what our travel plans are for the year.  Although plans are not set in stone, we have a general idea of what we will be doing.  If I have learned anything, things do not always happen as you imagine they will, so we are leaving some room for the unexpected.

Our journey has started here in Costa Rica.  We got here on April 10th and will be here until May 16th.  We will be here in Playa del Coco until May 10th.  From there we will be traveling closer to La Fortuna.  Our last place will take us to the outskirts of San Jose.

After that we will come back home for the summer (I know we are crazy coming back during the hottest part of Arizona’s heat).  We will recoop from our last trip, and spend some time with our family then we will go back traveling!  This is how we see the rest of our plans going:

Europe:  These are the top places we are planning to go to/possible order;   We want to start in Greece, then travel to Italy.  From Italy we would hit France then Germany.  From Germany to Netherlands.  From Netherlands to the UK.  Our last location would take us to Ireland.  This would be our biggest trip and longest.  We are thinking this would take us around 2-3 months.  We still have to figure out what the best time is to visit each place so that may effect the order that we travel.

After Europe we will come home again for a couple of months

Asia: We would like to go to Japan, Thailand, and Indonesia (Bali).  We are still unsure of order.  We think this will take about a month and a half.  We are also thinking about heading to Hawaii possibly before Japan.

For all of you world travelers, What was your route? Any suggestions about places to go see/order to go see it? This is all new territory for us, but we are excited to continue this adventure!  Any insight would be appreciated 🙂


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