Our (non) Vacation

When we set out on our mission to travel the world this year we decided we wanted to live in different countries for extended amounts of time.  We didn’t just want it to feel like a vacation (although we are living in a tropical paradise, it’s hard for it not to feel like a vacation).  We wanted to feel like we were more than just tourists here for the week, for locals to recognize us when we walked into town.

We have officially been living here for 18 days.  We are staying in the small beach town of Playa del Coco.  Which is a town heavily influenced by tourism and fishing.  It’s amazing how friendly the people are. Walking into town one day a woman plucked mangos off her tree and handed them to us.  I replied, sheepishly in Spanish that I didn’t have money.  She insisted that that wasn’t what she wanted and encouraged us to take them.  I swear that was the best mango I have ever had in my life.  Such simple gestures get so lost in the states.  Many of us have so much but give so little.

Another aspect of life here that we love is how much things are slowed down.  On an average day, we wake up and make breakfast.  We then enjoy eating on the patio and enjoy the change of scenery.  After that we usually walk into town were we go to the market, work out, or explore the beach/town.  We have also enjoyed meeting so many new people.  We have met a lot of cool people who want to explore Costa Rica with us.     In about a week we will be renting a car and will be exploring beyond the towns around us.  We can’t wait to see what else Costa Rica has to offer.  So far it has not disappointed.  Here are some photos of the town.  Sorry for the quality, my nice camera is a little burdensome to take into town.

Pura Vida!

  One thought on “Our (non) Vacation

  1. April 28, 2018 at 9:41 am

    Tropical Paradise. Happy an safe travels!


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